In 1987 he established the Digital Film Archive and Distribution System in ULUSAL Group of Companies and directed the creative and production team. In 1992 he became the Sales and Training Director of the Turkish representation Office of Silicon Graphics Computers and soon became the 3D Computer Animation educator. Then he started to work in the Digital Advertising Sector with studios engaged in productions for TV channels and advertising agencies. In 1995 he was recruited by the Star TV as Art Director and then continued his career as channel visual coordinator in the TGRT Television. He visited BBC, SONY, QUANTELL and PARALAX studios in London as the company representative in the same year. In 1997 he started to work for the ATV Television as the founder and director of the advertising production department. In 2000 he acted as the head of the Public Relations Department of the Atatürk International Airport Terminal (TAV) and organized the opening ceremony of the terminal. He returned to the media sector in 2003 and became the corporate identity designer and foundation member of a Istanbul Television. He established his own production company named KARAKTER production in 2007. He has visited many broadcasting studios and companies in England, France, ltaly, Spain, Austria, Poland and Netherlands.